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Hi and welcome to DadTo2, the official website of Eric Dickey. I am a child of God, husband to my beautiful wife and father to two daughters.   I am a software engineer, writer, photographer and a lover of history.  I have developed this website to give me a place to share my thoughts, family, and whatever may cross my mind at any time.

My life has gone from one extreme to another; from fat and heavy to athletic and lean, from darkness to light, and from loneliness to loving life. I welcome you to share my journey with me and my family. Explore the website here at DadTo2.   Shoot me an email and let me know what you think.   I would love to hear from you.

One of the major tenets of my life is my faith in Jesus Christ.  I won’t pretend to be a perfect anything; I’m not.  What I do say is that I am an imperfect, forgiven follower of Christ.  As the song from Donnie McClurkin goes, “We fall down but we get up” and that is my life.  I fall down in my faith, but by the grace of God, I get back up, seek forgiveness and go forward.  If you want to learn more about my faith and what it means to me, or what it means to surrender to Christ, then I ask you to go to my Faith page.

In my perfect life, my family is my life and I spend all my waking time with the members of my family: my wife Angela, my oldest daughter Chloe and my youngest daughter Morgan.  My life is not perfect though and I don’t get to spend every waking moment with them.  Of course, that probably a good thing any way, as I’d probably wind up buried in an unmarked grave from annoying them too much!  If you want to know about my family (though not too much; some things are personal you know) then feel free to read on by going to my family’s page.

Life in general for me consists of several things; work, hobbies, interests.  Part of my life is my journey to becoming a healthier, more active dad and husband.  You can read about how I have lost almost 150 pounds in a little over a year and learned to love running on my weightloss page.  Another part of my life is writing.  I write fiction, specializing in mysteries, thrillers and horror/supernatural.  I also review books for various publishers and you can find some of my reviews on my blog.  Still another is photography.  I tend to capture those moments in snapshots and planned shots, and I share those moments with you on my Gallery page.  I encourage you to look around my site here and learn more about me, my family, my faith and my life.

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